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2016 Fishing is looking great!
If fishing the Corpus Christi waters and Baffin Bay is something you love you may need to book a trip with Capt. Casey Barrera.  If you are looking for a day or even several days on a fishing charter in the Corpus Christi Texas area we have you covered.  Our guide service can take your party fishing year round, and booking a fishing trip has never been easier with credit cards also accepted.  Our bay fishing charter trips are performed by a certified captain who has a passion for fishing as much as you do!     
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Fishing Report

2016- There have been plenty of trout this summer, the mild winter this year got the trout bite started even earlier for us!  The reds have been hanging around the outside of the schools of trout and sometimes mixed straight with them for a nice variety.




See Josh's fish video!

07/2014- This summer has been a blast! We have been landing a mix of trout and redfish with croaker for the trout and mix of shrimp, cut bait, and crab for the reds most of the summer.  Hopefully the second half of summer will have even more trout biting as we finished with last summer.  Pictured below are some of those that came out and sent in pictures they were willing to share. I appreciate it!






04-19-2014- This week the fishing started out quick. Our two cold fronts temporarily dropped the water temperature and changed the bite up a bit.  We had a very early bite shortly after sunrise and then continued to pick up a fish here and there till we got a our drum limit for the father-son trip.  After limiting out with a couple of bonus fish we ran back north towards the JFK to pick up the (pictured below) 27" speckled trout under a popping cork in the clear water.   The trout bite is starting to pick up and is looking good for this late spring and early summer.  It looks like we will have a smooth transition between drum and trout fishing, but of course only time will tell. Pictured below is 6' 15 year old Sean and his Father who put a hurting on the drum and bonus fish this weekend.  They worked hard for them and deserved every bit of what they brought in.

04-13-2014- The fishing has still been very strong.  Black drum are still making up the large majority of the fish.  The group with Trio Equipment rentals pictured below boxed their limit of drum plus a few bonus fish. A hand full of oversized drum were also picked up in the mix over this past weekend.  Shrimp are still working well dead more so than alive.

A great week of fishing! The drum have still been hitting hard.  We have been targeting water about 4-5 feet deep with fresh dead shrimp.  Being patient for a solid pull has been key to bringing in fish after fish this week.  Pictured below is Leo with the famous last cast with the last bait this Friday afternoon.
Our New 24' Blazer Bay boat is nearly finished and trips are scheduled to resume this month for Spring Break!  We are excited to resume the charters with a promising look already!
Pictured below are some of the hard fighting drum caught this weekend.


08-17-2013- This is a brief highlight over the last month.  Thanks to all that came out!



06-2013- The water is warm the fish are out and so are all the boats.  Finding an area that does not have to much boat pressure has helped.  The trout have made up the majority of our bite.  With a brown tide temporarily in we have had to work our baits a little more.  The water is clearer down south of Baffin Bay but it has been a trade off since more boats are now running down that way.

05-2013- With good croaker in we are able to hunt for some larger trout. Solid trout in the 20"-25" range are starting to show up more regularly.  Shrimp are still excellent when looking for some variety in the fish.  

04-2013-  Black drum are still in thick this month.  Russell and his group produced over 120 lbs excluding the three oversized drum, way to go guys!  Our trout are also starting to show up and should continue to show a stronger bite as we move into the summer.

The fishing is starting to heat up.  Drum are moving throughout the bay system.  I want to congratulations the Hardin and Vasquez family for coming out this week and doing an excellent job, I had a  great time and everyone was able to get their limit of drum by 10:30.  They also gifted an excellent looking custom Columbia fishing shirt with embroidery.  Thanks and I look forward to doing it again!

Most of the drum we have been seeing are in the 4-5 lb range, with many schools of over sized drum on the move.  Pictured below are some of the pictures from this spring break.

Pictured below is Zoe fighting the drum pictured above for 4- 5 min.  She was handed the rod by Casey Sr. upon the hookset.  She tried hard but lost about 10 yards of line before letting Casey Sr. have the rod back.


12/16- This past weekend was solid for fishing over all!  We were able to get into trout, redfish, and drum. I was able to get out on Saturday and locate fish for Zoe on Sunday.  We only fished for a little over an hour but were able to quickly land about 10 fish.  Today I was hooking the fish while Zoe would real them in, this allowed us to catch plenty of fish since it was going to be a short trip (as you can tell we did not even bring ice, the fish went straight into the chest with water).  The fish were hitting on live shrimp under a popping cork in about 4 feet of water.  The water temperature was up since it had been a while since the last big front.  We expect some of these fish to move a little deeper in the mornings as more fronts move in over the next couple of weeks.  If you have not had a chance to book a trip now would be a good time while the winter conditions have been very mild!



This last front will start to make some large changes in water temperature. For those of you that fish the Laguna Madre you may have notice a drop in trout numbers over the last few weeks.  We have been told a couple of times, at the bait stand, that the trout we are bringing in are the only ones they have seen. The drum are still out in good numbers in scattered areas.  When fishing for drum check to see if the texture of the meat looks proper when cleaned, if you have booked a trip with a guide they should be able to check it for you.  Supposedly the white color identified in some of the drum is coming from the fish having a lack of food ( we will do our best to feed them with a hook if it will help ).  I will keep you posted of any drastic changes in the area.  Until next time "keep your eyes open and your lines tight!" 

11/03- Fall fishing patterns are now going to begin.  Our biggest change to date is probably the increase of flounder being caught.  Try working drop off's along channels working your favorite bait on the bottom slowly, lures will also produce if your favorite bait is not available.  Over the next few weeks you can expect to have more cold fronts move in and we will start to see some bigger changes within the area. You can expect fish to start moving as water temperatures start to change.  Pictured below are some pictures of trips and charters since the last post. Upper left is a trip with Zeke. Upper Right is from fishing in the gulf with plenty of large Spanish Mackerel.  Lower left is Zoe's big red. Lower right is Zoe laughing.



apologize for the delays in the updates, we are building a new layout for the website and should have it up and running soon!

8/06-8/12-  We have been fishing a lot of grass and shallow water this week.  Up through Friday the trout have been scattered in many places.  We have located a couple of schools of drum, but the heavy fishing pressure has really slowed the bite on the the school close to home.  Miranda and Hunter also came fishing with us and landed a 21 1/2" flounder and a 28+" trout in the same morning. Way to go!  Two days later 11 year old Colby landed his first redfish.  Zoe also had her first slot red.  It was an excellent week especially for the 17 and under fishermen!


7/30-8/05-  This week we have started to switch out our croaker for piggy perch.  Shrimp under a popping cork have still been consistently producing trout and drum.  With the combination of trout and drum we have been bringing in nice large boxes of fish. 

7/23-7/29-  This week we have been using shrimp under a popping cork with good success.  We have fished a lot of deeper water and been picking up nice numbers our trout and drum with occasional redfish and flounder.  Pictured below is a party of 6 Captain Levi and I took out this weekend, three in each boat, and everyone did well.  We had a great time and hope to do it again!

7/16-7/22- Fishing has been solid this week and the weather has held up well for our fishing charters on most days.   The larger trout we have found this week have been in tight groups.  The black drum have been consistently picked up and our redfish bite has been scattered.  Overall we have been able to put together some nice stringers with variety.

7/9-7/15- The fishing has looked very similar to last week.  We saw a lot of days with the isolated T-storms in the forcast, but it seems most of them have gone north towards Rockport.  The larger trout and drum have come around for us this week.  We have had trips now with trout drum and redfish.  We have also had several trout in the 24"-26" range this week.  Pebbles if you can send me some of the pictures I will post them (mine have had some issues)
Picture below is Travis with his 25" trout caught this week!

7/2-7/8- More time fishing has left less time for writing.  I decided to blend the week in since individual reports were going to be quite lengthy.  This week as been solid over all.  The trout bite has been nice with a couple of redfish mixed in on most days.  The redfish have been hitting live shrimp on a popping cork, while the trout are still hitting croaker and shrimp.   Trout are still hitting  near the causeway and down south as well. (pictures to come soon)

6/26- We were able to locate larger trout along with a mix of nice redfish this morning.  We landed a majority of the fish from 4-5 feet of water.  Both shrimp and croaker were were working very well this morning.  Ironically the trout below was caught on shrimp and the red below was caught on croaker.  The trout was caught and released to catch again another day!

6/24- With willing and ready 3 year old Zoe in the boat we made a short trip to the causeway and boat hole this morning.  She has been ready to go fishing for  a while.  With her juice and taco finished by 7:00 am she was ready.  She was able to land several trout along with a few lady fish.  With the tides high this morning  a good majority of our fish were caught in 1-2 feet of water, with some found in deeper water.  Pictured below is a very proud Zoe and one of her trout (with her coast guard approved live jacket).

6/23-  The fishing started out fast paced in the morning.  With a lot of small trout hurting our shrimp count I opted to move in search of larger trout.   We stopped to do a little sight casting in the land cut.  We were able to spot a few nice fish with one upper slot redfish.  While fishing the east edge Melissa managed to pick up a nice trout on the drift with her shrimp and popping cork.  Along with the recent fish kill we also saw one 19" tout nearly dead (we were unable to tell if it was from natural reasons or  not).  For the most part the game fish have seemed to be unaffected.  Possible pics from the trip to come soon.

6/14-  There was no shortage of small trout in the waters today.  If they were small they were hungry this morning.  The land cut was holding small trout and a lot of lady fish under the birds today.  Rocky Slough was also holding a lot of small trout yesterday.  On the bright side Zack was able to land a slightly oversized red this morning on live shrimp.

6/08-  The winds were nice and low this morning.  Casey Sr. made quick work of the fish with shrimp and a popping cork in 2-4 feet of water.  He picked up trout, redfish, and drum early on.  After moving into the land cut he picked up two more flounder along a drop off along with more trout.  He was able to finish the day with another Texas slam and then some.  He single handedly boxed a half dozen trout, a sand trout, two drum, reds, and flounder.  Pictured below is Casey Sr. with one of his reds and a flounder.


6/06-  Today we took took Chenio fishing.  He has been looking forward to getting out on the water for a while.   Our winds started out low and fell completely flat making for a warm day.  At our first stop we found fish tailing on some spoil Islands.  It was hard to tell at first if they were reds or drum.  With a closer observation we noticed the island was holding a mix of fish with most of them being drum.  We picked up both drum and trout early on with both shrimp and soft plastics.  The shrimp we were throwing were under a popping cork while the lure was morning glory (one of my favorite early morning colors).  Later in the day we changed lure colors but stayed with the shrimp and popping cork.  Pictured below is Chenio with his second slot drum of the day, it measured 27" and gave him a great fight.

5/26- The winds were low in the morning and made for a beautiful morning before they gradually picked up to near 20 mph.  Leo Trevino had a slow but consistent bite, picking up 6 keeper trout while primarily wade fishing.  Most of the trout were hitting on small to medium sized shrimp in 3-5 feet of water.  Four of his six keeper trout were around 20" or larger while the other two were still very nice.  I look forward to doing it again! 


5/19-  It was a beautiful day for fishing.  The trout have been moving a little bit, possibly due to fishing pressure.  We had to search a little for the larger trout but once we found them we were able to key in on them.  Casey Sr. caught plenty of trout with 3 over 20 inches this morning,  most were holding in about four feet of water.  The boat traffic out of Bird Island was heavy this weekend the parking lot should have filled up shortly after we got there.  There were fisherman just about everywhere except the King Ranch shoreline which had a lot of floating grass.  We have been picking up fish down south and even north of the causeway.   With this nice warm weather you can expect to see more boats and wade fisherman in the water.  I also want to say thanks to Matt for the nice fishing shirt, I'll be sure to use it next time I go wadding.












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