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If fishing the Corpus Christi waters and Baffin Bay is something you love you may need to book a trip with Capt. Casey Barrera.  If you are looking for a day or even several days on a fishing charter in the Corpus Christi Texas area we have you covered.  Our guide service can take your party fishing year round, and booking a fishing trip has never been easier with credit cards also accepted.  Our bay fishing charter trips are performed by a certified captain who has a passion for fishing as much as you do!     
See you on the water soon!

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About Your Captain:

Captain Casey Barrera is local to the Corpus Christi Tx. area having lived here for the past 30+years. He has enjoyed fishing and is glad to live next to our famous Laguna Madre and has no plans on moving from it.

Captain Casey Barrera is a certified fishing guide with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as well as a certified captain with a masters through the United States Coast Guard.  Your captain is also a member of the Coastal Bend Guides Association as well as the Padre Island National Seashore. 

When it comes to fishing captain Casey Barrera has a passion for lure and bait fishing in our shallow water hypersaline bay systems.  Fishing trips are generally conducted in the famous Laguna Madre, Baffin Bay, Land Cut, Corpus Christi Bay, Shamrock Cove, and occasionally Port Arransas Texas area.   With our location we can easily cover nearly 50 miles of water depending on which locations are working best.

Targeted species:

Spotted Sea Trout
Trout are the most sought after game fish in our bay system due to their beautiful color which can range from silver to yellow and even purple when reflected in the sun light.  Along with a beautiful color is an excellent taste when cooked (especially fried).

Red Drum:
These fish are also know as redfish they are know for being an excellent fighting fish.  In Texas the slot size is from 20-28" and each fisherman is allowed one over sized redfish with a tag which comes standard on our saltwater fishing licence.   The redfish are best identified by the prominent black dot near the tail.  As well as the trout the red drum are excellent eating, one of the fastest growing methods for cooking these fish are bar-b-qued on the half shell.

These flat fish are know for having two eyes on the top side of their body.  Most anglers will catch a flounder on occasion while fishing for other species due to their sensitive bite and lack of a run  when when eating. These fish make for a rewarding catch and have a fairly new limit of five per person.  Limits vary during the year.

Black Drum:
While similar to the red drum these fish are often targeted with shrimp and crab they can grow very large and a slot size limit of 14-30".  These fish are known for the deep drumming sound they  produce.  While other species of fish can drum as well the black drum has a very pronounced drum.

While there are many other species of fish that may be caught in our bay systems these are the most 
popular. Please see the following link: TPWD bag/size limits to see bag and size limits on our fish in Texas.

About our Bay Systems:  
Our Laguna Madre along with surrounding bay systems can be considered hypersaline due to the high concentration of salt in the water.  In addition most of the Laguna Madre contains water that  is fairly shallow. Our Laguna Madre  contains or is attached to many popular fishing areas such as the Land Cut, Nine Mile Hole, Yarbrough, Rocky Slough, Meadow,Baffin Bay, King Ranch Shorline,Padre Island National Seashore Shorline, Emmords Hole,  Night Hawk Bay, and Corpus Christi Bay to name a few.

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